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The ents

Ents Forestry Pty Ltd is a lean, sophisticated, forest management company renowned for developing independent, bespoke management solutions for domestic and international clients.

Catering to emerging demand from TIMOs and sophisticated private forest investors, Ents delivers cost-conscious, effective, forest management services. Ents staff carries out industry-best-practice silviculture at least cost, embracing simplicity, innovation, safety and environmental custodianship as core values. Ents has a strong focus on value-creation, developing individual forest management solutions to meet clients’ needs with a clear focus on cost-benefit.


Ents took its name from Tolkien's forest guardians in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Foresters, like ents, deeply understand that when you cut a tree down, another will grow. This core belief drives the company ethos, promoting sustainable resource use amidst robust communities. Ents are forest custodians and environmental stewards. They are shepherds of the trees.


Andy Wright

B For Sc (Hons), EMBA, GAICD, MIFA

Managing Director



Andrea Noble

B For Sc (Hons)

Director, Business Systems


Andy is a well-respected forest industry executive with a comprehensive technical background (a recognised expert in eucalyptus and sandalwood plantations) and highly-regarded management skills. His fully-rounded resume includes stints on the Ministerial Advisory Committee and Chairman of various industry roundtable groups. 


Renowned for:  listening, developing people, raw truth.


George Wright

B For Sc, B Town Planning

Forester – GT



Andrea has a strong background in forest operations, forest policy and developing management systems for industrial forest companies. Her balanced view of size and efficiency ensures management systems stay relevant, focussed and in-tune with business and client objectives.


Renowned for:  humanity, discussing the elephants in the room.



Keith Smith

Dip Forestry & Forest Management

Forester – SW WA



George's broad background, skating across public and private sector roles in forestry, land management and planning, bring a colourful palette of practical, policy and community skills to the business. With particular skills in group facilitation, strategic fire planning and community development, he anchors the organisation in the Green Triangle.


Renowned for: statesmanship, doing what’s right



“We listen. We think before we speak. We walk our talk. "


Andy Wright, Ents Forestry

Deeply uncomfortable in a suit, Keith has spent his life in the bush and is the practical, calm operations forester based in the southwest of WA, capable of turning his hand to most things. From a shearing background, he has spent most of this century devoted to ensuring plantation estates grow to their full potential.


Renowned for:  salt-of-the-earth innovation.


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