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Fire management & suppression



Professional forest management in Australia emerged through community dissatisfaction with escaped land clearing burns in Tasmania around the time of Federation. People saw millions of tonnes of timber being destroyed and sought government intervention to control forest fires, appointing forest officers to mitigate the spread of forest fire. Forest protection, particularly fire control, is the cornerstone of forest management. 


Trained in the latest dry and wet firefighting techniques, Ents dovetails with lead fire agencies and industry partners across its operating area. The company runs a mix of light, go-anywhere fire units, coupled with rapid-response contract earthmoving equipment to corral blazes. 


The company philosophy is to keep fires small. 


Compliant firebreaks, free of combustible material, mitigate the risk fires will enter plantations of spread between compartments. The breaks provide a solid edge with which to employ dry firefighting. 


Occasionally forests burn. Clients are offered fire insurance under a competitive quoting process through reputable underwriters to manage this risk. 

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