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Ents Forestry carries out turn-key forest management, wood marketing and forestry consulting services for a range of clients.
WesCEF (forestry consulting)

Wesfarmers' Coal Energy & Fertiliser division seeks advice from Ents on matters at the interface of commercial plantations and carbon markets as its develops carbon offset products for retail consumers. Ents also conducts due diligence on asset acquisitions.   


BIG FIVE BANKS, LIQUIDATORS (plantation valuation)

Some of the Big Five banks and liquidators for failed MIS schemes have sought Ents expertise to value eucalyptus and sandalwood estates. At the conclusion of the eucalyptus studies, Ents successfully marketed the timber and supervised the harvest. 


Broadscale changes to the state Forest Management Plan closed the native forest industry at the end 2023. Ents was engaged to deep-dive into the state firewood markets to better understand market dynamics, logistics and routes to customers and form a view on the future look of firewood markets in the state. 

We also assisted the FPC to identify and scope alternative markets for industrial wood from the sizeable clearfall harvest of pine plantations in the state's Midwest to guide a Request for Proposals.   


MBAC (forestry consulting)

Industry-leading consultants MBAC engaged Ents to assist due diligence teams assessing large forestry assets in Western Australia and Tasmania on behalf of TIMOs. 


NEW FORESTS (turnkey forest management)

NFAM acquired the 12,000 ha Bunbury Fibre Plantations (BFP) blue gum estate through ANZIFF3 during 2020 and appointed Ents its property manager. Ents manages all aspects of the estate from land acquisition/disquisition and forest management from seed to stockpile, while assisting the company with due diligence on other assets.  


SHAPOORJI PALLONJI (turnkey forest management)

International infrastructure and engineering giant SP engaged Ents to manage its large forest estate in Albany WA. The 1,200 ha plantation is managed for pulpwood and the greater property for its pristine environmental values.   


VARIOUS (expert witness)

Principal consultant Andy Wright acts as independent expert witness when disputes unfortunately must be settled in courts of law.    


SANTANOL LTD (forestry consulting)

Large Indian sandalwood grower, Santanol, engages Ents for a variety of functions to improve business systems and planning tools, pest & disease management and estate modelling. 

WA BLUE GUM LTD (turn-key forest management)

WABG is the last of the blue gum MIS companies; a promoter of boutique forestry investments. WABG has survived because it has delivered solid returns to its investors over a long period. Ents staff source and secure high-quality land for future plantings through leases from third parties. They manage the land portfolio, provide silvicultural advice, liaise with contractors and prepare the annual fire insurance schedule on behalf of WABG investors. Ents manage the Albany working circle estate.

ELDERS FORESTRY PTY LTD (turn-key forest management, forestry consulting)

Elders retained a medium-sized plantation estate spread across SW WA and SW Victoria. Ents managed the estate, assisted with corporate enquiries and carried out an annual valuation to feed into the Elders balance sheet. Ents facilitated a standing asset sale to a corporate grower to conclude Elders's interest in forestry in March 2017. 

FINI GROUP PTY LTD (turn-key forest managament)

The Fini Group continue their long association with Ents on their 2,000 hectare land and tree asset in Albany, WA. More recently, pine and blue gum clearfall harvest operations herald the second rotation on the bulk of the plantations. The original estate was part-clearfelled for pulp logs, part-thinned to grow sawlogs, as the Fini Group plans to produce hardwood timber to link with its Perth-based construction businesses. On behalf of Fini, Ents has established a 600 ha pine estate, again for future raw material for their contruction business. Where the highest-and-best landuse was grazing and cropping, the land was quickly and economically reverted to profitable pastures. 

GUNWARRIE PTY LTD (forestry consulting)

Corporate crop farmers Gunwarrie own many parcels of trees on their farm in the medium-rainfall zone of the Great Southern. Ents quantified and identified markets for the standing timber and provided advice on areas of the farm that are unsuitable for crop (too wet in winter) but suitable for trees (deep, fertile soil with fresh groundwater) to expand their forestry interests, better utilise their land and diversify on-farm interests. 

LARGE FOREST OWNER (carbon inventory)

A large forest owner approached Ents to carry out a routine inventory task to determine carbon sequestered in a 5,000 ha estate in Rocky Gully, WA. Partway through the inventory, it became apparent that the initial inventory design was biased. Ents redesigned the inventory and executed to the original timeline and PLE.

THIRD PARTY FOREST OWNERS (turn-key forest management)

Ents manage forests for many and varied owners, from small (10 ha) to medium-sized (100 ha) plantings, on-site to absentee landowners. Ents protects their forests, providing comfort and security, feeds information on industry trends and market dynamics, measures trees and advises on the sweet window to optimise harvest timing.

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