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Harvesting & wood marketing

That which takes decades to grow can be cut and removed in one loud, dusty day of enormous, yellow, diesel-burning machines. This is the crowning glory for the plantation, where it achieves its aim of providing renewable primary products. 
Harvest planning can be a complicated process involving designing and building in-forest road networks, mapping extraction routes, liaising with shires and state government on haulage routes and determining the optimal harvest system to maximise returns for the forest owner and make life easy for the next land user (the establishment forester or the land owner). All this is documented in a harvest plan. Ents work closely with harvest contractors to adapt, adopt and develop best-practice systems to optimise returns. 
Wood marketing is particularly critical to optimise returns to the forest owner. With intimate knowledge of local and overseas markets and port logistics, Ents can negotiate fair market prices for small growers in a big pond. 
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